International Students

ACE Career College is a Designated Learning Institution in Alberta, Canada with

DLI# O278284584102

and as such, welcomes international students to study at our college.

As an international student, you will embark on a journey to enrich your mind and immerse yourself in Canadian education and culture.

We recommend planning 5-6 months in advance to ensure you have enough time to complete the application and gather all the necessary documents for your application to study abroad.

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Application Process

  • Step 1 Make sure you apply at least 5-6 months in advance to ensure you have enough time to complete the application and gather all the necessary documents for your application to study abroad
  • Step 2 Choose a program and fill out our International Student Application Form
  • Step 3 Submit the needed documents listed in our Admission Requirements page
  • Step 4 Demonstrate English Language Proficiency
  • Step 5 Wait for application status
  • Step 6 Apply for a Study Permit
  • Step 7 Payment of tuition fees
Approximately 6 weeks before your program starts,  you will receive a notice regarding your tuition fee payment. We take wire payments, please email for the bank wire information.

Admission Requirements

All of our full-time programs have specific admission requirements. You must meet all the required admission criteria and related documents to be accepted in your desired program.
Student Criteria:
  • Must be 18 years old or older. Proof of age required.
  • High School Diploma equivalent to a Grade 12 level of education or higher verified by a Transcript of Records (TOR).
English Language Proficiency
  • Certificate of English as Medium of Instruction from secondary school or higher for those whose first language is not English or
  • A score of 6 or higher in the Canadian Language Benchmarks Assessment (CLBA) or
  • A score of 6 or higher in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or
  • A score of 15 or above in the Wonderlic – SLE
  • Successful interview with the College

Program Information

Business Accounting and Payroll Administration

  • Learn about practical business knowledge. This program delivers blended theory and hands-on learning in all aspects of business. The program will enhance your skills and knowledge of economics, communication, and organizational behavior.

Executive Administration

  • You will learn to communicate in a professional setting and understand basic and common business procedures. Gain skills on new technology to organize business information.

Information Technology Technician

  • Our IT Technician Diploma program is designed to provide the knowledge, skills and training in pace with current industry advancements that meet the IT needs of today and, as such, is recognized by Microsoft Academy.

Student Tuition

Student Tuition and Fees

16,800 CAD
15,300 CAD
18,550 CAD

Tuition and Other Fees are in Canadian Dollars. There are NO HIDDEN FEES.

A non-refundable application fee of $250 is required to be paid in full at the time of enrolment.

Students are required to pay 50% of their tuition fee on the first day of the start of their program.
Balance shall be paid in full once 50% of the program has been delivered.

Student’s failure to pay the Tuition on the agreed schedule may result to a dismissal from the Program and Transcripts and Credentials withheld.

Payment Options

  • Online banking through your financial institution
  • Bank Draft
  • Debit / Credit Card (a 2.5% service fee will be added and is non-refundable)

Withdrawal and Refund

ACE Career College’s international student withdrawal/refund policy strictly follows with the Ministry of Advanced Education and Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) guidelines.


To be eligible for refund, the student must submit an official written notice by completing/signing a withdrawal/refund request form on or before the deadline date. The fillable withdrawal/refund request form is available in our website and from the ACE Career College’s International Student Office at the Calgary Main Campus.


If a refund request is made after the deadline date, the student is entitled to a refund of a portion of the fees for the semester or program period, less administrative fees.

Payment of Refunds
A refund of an international student’s tuition fees shall be paid to the student, individual, or organization that originally paid the tuition within 30 days or in accordance with Section 21(3) of the Private Vocational Training Regulation, if applicable.


Refunds will be issued in the same method of payment as the original payment (i.e., if the student paid by wire transfer, then it will be refunded by the wire transfer to the same bank account or if the student paid by credit card, the refund will be credited to the same credit card).


Any outstanding balances owing on the student’s account shall be deducted from their refund.

Before Program Start Date

1. Denied Study Permit If the student is denied a study permit and have requested a refund before the program start date, the student is entitled for a refund, less an administrative fee of $250. A copy of the visa denial letter issued by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada must be presented.

2. Four-Day Cooling Off Period Every student is given a 4-day cooling off period, where you can change your mind without penalty. If you choose to cancel your Student Enrolment Contract on or before the 4th business day after you signed it, ACE Career College shall refund any tuition fees paid less an administrative fee of $250.

3. ACE Career College terminates your contract before your program start date If ACE Career College chooses to terminate your Student Enrolment Contract before your program start date due to non-compliance of the admission requirements, ACE Career College shall refund any tuition fees paid less an administrative fee of $250.

4. The Program does not start by the agreed upon date and you terminate the Student Enrolment Contract as a result of. If you choose to cancel your Student Enrolment Contract due to non-delivery of your Program on the agreed start date, ACE Career College shall refund any tuition fees paid.
After Program Start Date
International Students may be entitled to a refund, under Section 17 of the Private Vocational Training Regulation, if your Student Enrolment Contract is cancelled after your program start date.

The amount is based on how much of the program you’ve already completed.

If you’ve paid all of the tuition for the program and completed:

  • less than 10% of your program, your refund is at minimum 75% of your tuition
  • more than 10% but less than 50% of your program, your refund is at minimum 40% of your tuition
  • more than 50% of your program, the college is not required to provide you with a refund

If you haven’t yet paid all of the tuition for the program and completed:

  • less than 10% of your program, the college is entitled to up to 25% of the total cost of tuition
  • more than 10% but less than 50% of your program, the college is entitled to up to 60% of the total cost of tuition
  • more than 50% of your program, the college is entitled to up to 100% of the total cost of tuition

If ACE Career College received a tuition fee more than the amount they are entitled to, ACE Career College shall refund the excess amount.

Student Complaint Process

Complaint and Dispute Resolution

Students are strongly encouraged to discuss any complaints, disputes, or concerns with our Student Services Specialist in the first instance.

If the issue remains unresolved, the next step is to file a formal complaint with the Director of Student Services via our website

The College will not normally investigate anonymous complaints. However, the Director of Student Services or the School Administrator, if suitable, will determine whether the complaint merits an investigation.

Complaints must be made within 30 days of the incident. We will consider complaints made outside of this time frame if exceptional circumstances apply. The dispute resolution process, including written reasons for the determination and any reconsideration, shall be completed no later than 15 calendar days of the date on which the student submitted the complaint.

Withdrawal of a Complaint shall be asked to confirm in writing.
If the complaint is about improper tuition refunds being issued, false or misleading information provided when you enrol or general compliance issues, a student may raise their complaint to Alberta Advanced Education’s Private Career Colleges Branch within 6 months from the date the student attended the program.

ACE Career College will retain hard copy of records of all complaints and dispute resolutions for a period of two (2) years from the date of the decision. This will be digitized after and kept in our secure servers as long as the College is in operation.

The College’s tenet is that all students, administrators, and faculty have the right to express their views freely, and within an atmosphere of tolerances and respect. Additionally, faculty and administrators are required to treat students with respect and courtesy.

Academic Policies

Student Handbook
Students shall be given access to printed or digital copies of ACE Career College’s Student Handbook.

Schedule of Classes
Classes should follow the schedule issued by the School Registrar. Should there be any change of schedule initiated by the School Instructor, the School Registrar and the consent of the class must be secured without undue prejudice to the rights of the students.

Attending classes on-time and regularly is expected by the College from its students in accordance with the student enrolment contract.

It is mandatory for students to attend 20 hours of class per week. Students shall not be obliged to attend an academic activity during provincial or federal mandated holidays.

The College will put a student on academic probation should there be a routine of frequent absences or tardiness, especially for students who are having unsatisfactory academic performance. Students whose absences are more than 20% of the total hours of the program of study will be withdrawn from the College and their enrolment contract terminated.

Dishonesty and Misconduct
Academic Dishonesty and Misconduct is any type of cheating that occurs in relation to a formal academic exercise. Cheating of any form during an examination, oral, or written report are prohibited and will result to disciplinary actions.


Student Performance

Students shall have the right to know their class performance data during the school year and shall have the right to consult with their instructors.

Students shall have the right to an explanation concerning the bases of their grades and be provided a system of marking that ensures just and equitable grading for both individual and group work.


Academic Probation or Required to Withdraw
Students are expected to meet satisfactory academic standards set by the College throughout their program.

Students that are performing below these academic standards, shall be required to undergo Academic Advising, and be placed under Academic Probation.

Students who continue to have unsatisfactory standing may be required to withdraw from their program.

International Student Resources

Prepare for a safe journey!

Pre-arrival Information

What you need to bring:

  • Your Valid Passport with Visitor Visa, Study permit and Letter of Acceptance from ACE Career College
  • Plane Tickets and Travel itinerary
  • Money in Canadian or US Currency (enough for transportation and food purchase in the event you miss a flight during your journey)
  • Travel and Health Insurance
  • Weather
    Calgary’s weather is always changing, and the temperature can change rapidly in just a few hours. It is important to always pack and wear layers, so you can add and remove clothing as necessary.There is central heating in all Calgary homes, schools, and buses. Warm winds called Chinooks occur frequently during the winter months, which warm the temperature up considerably. Chinooks can be identified by an arc pattern in the clouds. Keep in mind, the three months with the most rain are May, June, and July.

    You can check out the weather network site for Calgary to see the forecast for future dates at

  • Upon Arrival
    ACE Career College Student Service personnel are happy to assist our International Students needing to be picked-up at the YYC Airport for FREE! We require two (2) weeks notice if you wish to avail of this FREE service.

    Here are some tips to prevent jet lag when arriving in Calgary:

    1. During your flight, switch your watch to Calgary’s time zone so you become accustomed to the difference.
    2. Drink water before and during the flight.
    3. Get up and move around frequently during the flight to avoid any leg cramps.
    4. Get outside if you arrive during the day, so that you can adjust to the sunlight.
    5. Make sure to relax the first few days and do not overwhelm yourself.
    6. Drink water when you arrive, which you can drink straight from the tap.
  • Culture shock
    Culture shock is simply a common way to describe the confusing and nervous feelings a person may have after leaving a familiar culture to live in a new and different one.

    Your homestay family and friends at school have grown up with values and beliefs that differ from yours and because of these differences, the things they talk about, the ways they express themselves, and the various ideas you come across may be very different from what you are used to. The good news is that culture shock is temporary!

  • Dealing with culture shock
    Here are some tips to help you through culture shock:
    1. Do your research. This will allow you to have an open mind when entering the new culture and get a sense of what to expect when you arrive.
    2. Be patient and positive. To help you understand the culture better, it is important to be patient when communicating or learning new concepts, but also stay positive. By being positive you’re allowing yourself to have a better experience.
    3. Relax and be easy on yourself. It will be tough to adjust so it’s best to relax and try not to get stressed.
    4. Set goals. By setting goals you are allowing yourself to move forward and create enthusiasm in continuing with your plans during your stay.
    5. Keep in contact. You should stay in contact with your family and friends at home so they can help you when needed. However, try not to remain too connected to home as it may stop you from acclimatizing to your new culture.

International Student Resources / Student Orientation

Before classes start, New International Students are required to register and attend an in-person or live virtual orientation to become familiar with ACE’s facility, course calendar, and student services. Orientation schedule and other important dates are sent electronically to the student’s personal email.

International Student Resources / Health Insurance

We highly recommend that you obtain health insurance before or right after you enter Canada. This is to cover any unexpected medical fees that may occur during your stay in Canada.


If you have not obtained health insurance, feel free to contact us and we will assist you in obtaining AHCIP coverage or in connecting with a private insurance agent.


International students in Alberta studying for a period of at least 12 months and who will reside in Alberta for 12 months or more are eligible for Alberta Healthcare Insurance Plan (AHCIP) coverage and should apply.


To find out more info on AHCIP, go to
To apply for AHCIP, go to


Note that AHCIP only covers basic health expenses and does not cover dental care or prescription drugs.

For private insurance coverage, check out

International Student Resources / Money and Banks

Make sure to bring enough money for emergencies. There are many banks located around the city. At the bank, you can set up your own bank account, exchange money or receive funds.


Banks in Calgary include the following:

ATB Financial –
BMO Financial Group –
RBC Financial Group –
Scotiabank –
TD Canada Trust –

International Student Resources / Where can you stay?

A clean and healthy dwelling can help increase morale and production. It is important that you find the best environment for you to live in.


Please see the link for a trusted website that will assist you to look for a place to rent:

International Student Resources / Transportation

You will likely take the bus or train to school each day. You can visit the Calgary Transit website to learn more about bus schedules and train times at


If you are lost, call the Calgary transit operator. Tell them where you are and where you want to go, and they will be able to provide you with the fastest route via bus or train.


Calgary Transit Operator: (403) 262-1000

International Student Resources / Community Support

There are organizations in Calgary that will assist you with your new venture in Canada. These organizations are funded by the government and being operated by individuals that understand your situation. This is a free service for you!


Center for newcomers:


YMCA Newcomer Programs:


Immigration services Calgary:

International Student Resources / Career Services

During your stay in Canada, it is important that you join or volunteer your time in organizations in Calgary. This will help increase your network and your center of influence.


If you are allowed to work part-time (base on your student visa) while studying, have a conversation with your direct manager or hiring manager if they can offer you a work permit when you graduate from ACE Career College.


ACE Career College offers a course that will assist you with job hunting, networking, resume building, and interview practice.

International Student Resources / Working and Studying in Canada

You and your employer must make sure you can work off campus without a work permit before you start working. If you start working off campus but don’t meet the requirements, you may have to leave Canada.


You can only start working in Canada when your study program has started. You can’t work before you start your studies.
If you are able to work during your studies, it will say so in the conditions on your study permit.


If you are eligible for off-campus work, you don’t need a work permit.


For more information about working while studying, please visit the government of Canada website:


Websites that will help you look for jobs: